Linkedin Basics for NGOs Webinar

Small changes for big impact

Professionals on Linkedin were asked to choose one platform they would stick with during a crisis. A staggering 61% chose Linkedin. Because it works.

Every employee in your NGO is an ambassador for the cause and your brand.

Does it make sense for them to be on Linkedin? Yes!

Should your organization have a well-positioned Linkedin page? Absolutely!

Linkedin can take your awareness, fundraising, volunteering, and marketing efforts to a whole new level if you use it well.

Upgrade your skills in the 2-part webinar on Linkedin Basics to optimize your time and drive outcomes for your NGO.

Do you know that when you make a cold call to a prospective donor, the first thing they do is search for your name and organization on Linkedin? That is if they don’t put down the phone on you in the first place.

Imagine, if they find your profile and you’ve not even updated your job role. Or they check the organization page and the last post was shared a year back!

There goes your credibility.

We’re living in a world of scams, and NGOs have been part of such stories too often. Even if your story connects with a prospect, they’re not going to open their pursestrings without checking you out. Why should they?

Social media is the first place people go to understand what an NGO is about. Unlike other social media platforms, Linkedin is ideal to develop a relationship, without all the noise and clutter.

Linkedin makes your work faster as a marketer, fundraiser, or leader. You can:

  • identify the decision-makers you want to reach out to;
  • understand their likes, dislikes, interests, and the opportunities they can send your way – valuable inputs in relationship building;
  • follow prospective accounts and connect at the right time;
  • leverage your existing network better; and
  • always be on top of what’s happening in your sector.

While it is the cause that keeps people connected, it is the people in the organization who evoke trust and credibility.

This is what some of the webinar attendees say

The webinar covered most of the prerequisites to be an advanced user of LinkedIn. It’s very easy to say most of the interface in LinkedIn is self-explanatory but one has to be imparted with skills by an expert to know the best possible way to establish the potential connects. This webinar was a platform to learn and execute the change. Moreover, the Whatsapp handholding by Ms Monica to ensure our learning as a practice is much appreciated. This was a great opportunity for people like me who have started to leverage the social sector to make changes. Thank you, Ms Monica.

Reuban Daniel

Founder, Prakhyata Abhinand Charitable Trust

I understood the Importance of updating the profile, using the features to get connected to CSR & Funders & Analytics. Also how to keep the profile acting by sharing the updates every week and an article a month.

Joyce Pereira

National General Secretary, YWCA India

I got insights to build my personal profile and also promote my company page. The tips that were provided to enhance the strength of both personal and company profiles were useful. The step by step interactive presentation was good.

Shyla Reddy

Step Up for India

The Information shared was helpful. Monica was well equipped with all resources. Despite just starting on Linkedin, people are responding to the requests I am sending.

Archana Vashishta

Marketing & Fundraising, AURA Educational Trust

Here’s what you will learn in this webinar

  • How Linkedin can help your NGO & cause.
  • How to optimize your profile & the NGO’s page.
  • How to improve engagement.
  • How to attract donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders.
  • Special features to connect with corporate & individuals.
  • Resources & tips.
  • Q&A


  • 5 days Whatsapp guidance on profile improvement
  • Individual Linkedin profile review
  • Hashtag guide
  • Linkedin calendar template
  • Resource list

When: 21st & 28th November, Saturday, 4.00-5.15 pm)*

Cost: ₹500  FREE (as part of COVID support for NGOs)


NOTE: You must spend 30-45 minutes on Linkedin every day in the week after the first session to make progress. If that’s not possible, please don’t register.

Results can only come from ACTION!

Are you ready to make a difference with Linkedin?