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Digital Marketing takes time, work, a clear strategy and patience. It’s hard enough for a business with a full team of enterprising young marketers. It’s unimaginably harder for a nonprofit/NGO or an organisation working in the development sector. Even for an organisation of respectable size, with the funds to afford an in-house marketing team, it’s an uphill task, not for a lack of will but lack of time, budget, resources and talent.

However, our audience expectations have evolved, and our communication and marketing must too.

Get trained on digital marketing basics, strategy or specific channels to get your message to donors, volunteers and other stakeholders. Take advantage of my consulting services to start right. Avoid the pitfalls, ride the tide. Spend your time and effort on what gets results.

I’m also looking to partner with funding organisations, social enterprises, content and training providers as well as freelance website designers and developers, graphic designers and content developers to deliver the needed services to NGOs.

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Except for some larger players, nonprofits in India are lagging in digital marketing. Mindfully designed, budget friendly training on critical digital marketing areas, with relevant examples and practical activities can change this story. Nonprofit leaders must prioritise employee’s development to attract and retain talented millenials who are looking at NGOs as viable career paths.



Need a birds-eye view of online marketing or a deeper understanding of strategy, digital marketing channels and execution, I help you understand what’s needed to achieve your business objectives. Training content is tailored to industry, business stage and target market. I further specialize in content development, social media marketing and digital marketing overview training.



Your digital marketing campaigns aren’t delivering the results you expected? Not sure where the marketing budget and time is getting spent? What’s working, what’s not? That’s what I help with.



Nonprofits, like businesses, have targets – acquiring donors, raising funds, creating awareness of the organisation and its cause. It just needs to be done for a lower budget, with fewer resources, and a socially relevant cause. I help you navigate unfamiliar digital waters and set you up for success.


Wonderful people I’ve worked with/trained

Prakhyata Abhinand Chairtable Trust, India

Words that keep me going

Monica is an exceptional partner handling Drona Mobile(Deltecs InfoTech) communications needs. Her conception, wonderful workflow, creativity is fantastic. She knows how to work from a distance. I found Monica to be friendly, articulate & a great person to work with & would recommend her to anyone looking for communication briefs to be delivered on time with the minimum of fuss.

There have been times when I would have given her a brief with strict deadlines, and she has always been flexible and delivered on time.

She is truly an amazing partner.

Kinjal Vora

Marketing Head , DronaHQ

Monica conducted a Digital and Content Marketing training for my team ane me, she is one of the best trainers in this space. Monica has in-depth knowledge of the two subjects and her past industry experience helped her connect with us better. Unlike most trainers, she shares her resources and reports which personally helped us a lot.

Garima Pande

Head - Corporate Marketing, SunTec Business Solutions

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Can LinkedIn Help NGOs Survive COVID?

The COVID situation has struck a crucial connective tissue in India – the nonprofit sector, especially the small regional nongovernmental organization (NGO). To add to their woes, the recent foreign grants regulation and climatic disasters have stalled grassroots...
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How Voice Search is Changing Digital Marketing

In this episode, Manasi and I talk about the changes in consumer behavior that are driven by voice usage. We discuss these important questions. What trends indicate the growth of voice search in India? How is vernacular content influencing voice search and vice-versa?...
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The Rise of Vernacular Content in India – A Trend to Ride On

In Episode 8 of the DigiIndia Squad video series, we talk about how vernacular content is becoming a huge deal in the internet space in India and why marketers and business owners must find ways to ride this trend. We talk about how this change has come about, what...
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Marketing Tips for the Travel Sector in the Covid Crisis

In Episode 6 of the DigiIndia Squad series, Manasi and I share marketing tactics to mitigate some of the challenges faced by the travel industry in the pandemic times. While we acknowledge the criticality of the situation, we also see opportunities for innovation....
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Upcoming Webinars

Join me on the webinar on Linkedin Basics for NGOs, a 2-part weekend webinar for nonprofits to improve their profile and company page to better engage stakeholders and improve outcomes.