A little about myself

Fifteen years back, I was working at Oracle, dabbling with code and helping customers manage technical product issues. In 2006, things changed. I discovered a desire to do something different. After a series of experiments, I latched on to an old, near-forgotten love for the written word. I was lucky to find a great coach and mentor who launched me into the world of technical writing and business strategy.

Thereon began a ride that pushed me closer and closer to marketing. I quickly realised that I loved helping businesses grow. And I enjoyed sharing knowledge uninhibitedly. Becoming a digital marketer & trainer was a natural progression.

I have mostly worked with small businesses, solepreneurs, nonprofits (large to medium) and home businesses from disparate industries. It’s been challenging and gratifying. I’ve developed trusting relationships with peers and clients that have converted into repeat business and partnerships. I’ve learned much; about business, entrepreneurial passions, marketing challenges, execution hurdles, and more.

How I work

My marketing strategies are closely tied to strategic content. I believe relevant, valuable and engaging content, distributed the right way, has the power to build bridges, create loyalty and enhance brand value.

If you’re looking for someone to help you engage your audience and commit to your business as a partner, I’d love to talk. However, if you’re unable to allocate a decent budget and commit at least 6 months to a year for your digital marketing (other than ads) to mature, my approach won’t work for you.

Contact me.