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Content is the backbone of digital marketing. No amount of marketing makes bad content move.

Train in content writing for superior quality, higher pay

I launched into the world of writing with a formal training in technical writing. I was soon blogging, creating marketing and sales collateral, developing business documentation and more. I believe my writing training and study in the field of SEO and web copy went a long way in delivering the quality of content that got results for the businesses I worked with.

In the content writing training, I train you on writing faster and better. I take you through the process of requirement gathering, research, mindmapping, writing, editing, proofreading, and publishing of content on various content management systems (CMS). I also help you understand and support a content strategy, build an editorial calendar for yourself or your team, analyze content efficacy, improvise and optimize copy.

If you’re a freelancer, I share some tips on how to build long-lasting relationships with clients that convert to repeat business for you.

For a technology startup working on a new product, it is very crucial to clearly communicate to its potential customers about the exact value addition. Monica did a fantastic job in understanding technical features of our product and then converting them into tangible benefits which can be easily understood by our customers. She provided content for our website, a presentation for sales team, product brochures and really simplified our job.Looking forward to work with you again on Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Sachin Bapat

Co-Founder and CEO, TapOn Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd.


I’m launching a series of content writing modules for newbie content writers as well as those wanting a career in content writing.

The courses will help you:

  • get the fundamentals right
  • create quality content faster
  • earn more for the same time
  • market yourself better

This survey will help me fine-tune the program to your requirements.

Part 1 of the series is available under Online Classes.