Passion alone can't help NGOs grow

Your voice must reach the right people

A cause needs support. That comes with communication.

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We all need a best friend

Every NGO wants to spread word of its cause and mission – to create awareness, gather volunteers, raise funds, build partnerships and more, It’s the digital age, so of course, online channels have to be part of your marketing mix.

Driven by this demand from the board or CEO, your marketing team/marketer/the solo guy who manages all tech jumps on the latest social media platform or digital marketing channel and starts some campaign. You wait for the magic to happen. It doesn’t.

Digital marketing, like any program in your NGO, needs a clearly defined purpose. Without a roadmap, you’re just one of the many Facebook, Instagram, what have you, pages on the internet with ZERO engagement.

It’s crucial to define:

  • what you want to achieve through digital marketing,
  • how you want to showcase your cause and brand,
  • how different channels will augment your message,
  • a tracking and measurement mechanism, and
  • resources and a budget.

This is where I can become your best friend. My job includes:

  • getting answers to the abovementioned concerns,
  • honing a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your organisation’s goals, and
  • developing a realistic plan based on your resources, budget, sector and capability.

And, if you need further help, assist with content development, research and digital marketing execution.

The service starts at a minimum of INR 10K/month (excluding tax). The budget is intentionally low for small nonprofits to take advantage of this offer and experience the impact of communication done right. (The actual amount will vary based on the requirements of the project.)

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Monica is a sound Digital Marketing Professional. I am working with her in the social sector and I have been amazed at her quick grasp of things and ability to quickly convert that into communication concepts. A thorough professional and a stickler for time lines and commitments it is a pleasure to work with her. I have learnt a lot from her on digital marketing particularly on the social media and how to use it.


Marketing Director (former), The Association of People with Disability