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Your NGO’s outreach to its stakeholders is entirely dependent on how well you can communicate your vision, mission and plans. Like all sectors, the social and development sector too has many competing players. Crowdfunding platforms and funding agencies abound, giving your stakeholders access to multiple verified organisations they can work with.

Every piece of communication, therefore, is critical, whether it’s an email, a proposal or a single line on a social media post. How do you get it right?

Developing content is as much art as science. It requires thought and a process.

In the content development training for NGOs, I walk you through multiple case studies from your domain, conduct hands-on activities and train your team on:

  • the prerequisites for content development,
  • developing a messaging strategy,
  • processes to improve the quality, brand consistency and speed of content development,
  • tools and resources to create quality creatives,
  • developing a content calendar to avoid the last-minute scramble, and
  • content formats and styles.

I also share ready-to-use templates for your team to implement their learning from Day 1.

Training duration: 14 hours

Mode: Classroom or Online

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