Super happy to start this series under the brand name DigiIndia Squad with my buddy and expert digital marketing, communication, and PR consultant Manasi K G. Pardon the bad angles in this one, we’ll improve. 🙂

In Episode 1, we discuss if nonprofit marketing is different from digital marketing for a business. The episode is available in video (below) and podcast mode.

In this episode, Manasi quizzes Monica about the nonprofit space, discussing questions such as:

  • When you say digital marketing, I can only hear, what is your budget, how many leads can you get, what is your cost of conversion and %age of conversion.
  • In this context, how different is digital marketing for nonprofits or NGOs?
  • In what contexts can NGOs or NPOs take up digital marketing?
  • If we have to map a donor journey, what would it typically look like?
  • What role does Online Reputation Management play in the digital world for NGOs?
  • What role does Integrated marketing play for NPOs and NGOs?