From big brands such as Girias offering oxymeters and sanitizers during the Ganesha festival, Bata offering face masks as gifts to customers, one thing is assured – consumer expectations and behavior have changed – for the short-term and the long-term.

In this episode, we talk about the reasons behind this change, what the trends have been during and post the lockdown and what is expected in the times to come. Will these changes stick? Has a decelerated pace of life actually made us more empathetic citizens?

One point that came out in a McKinsey survey was that people are going to research more before purchasing. One of the decisive factors today is how the brand has treated its employees during this period. How interesting! In fact, this is something we have highlighted in both our earlier episodes on marketing tips for the Hospitality and Travel sector.

This and more await you … enjoy viewing or listening. Share your thoughts on how COVID19 has changed your shopping behavior.