In the last episode, Manasi and I talked about content ideas – how to generate them and get your content calendar going. In this video, we look at some brands whose content has grabbed our attention.

While my starting point for this exercise is a search engine, Manasi chooses social media.

We look at brands such as Gusto, Pentoz, Amul, Jaguar, ScotchBrite (from Karthik Sreenivasan’s Linkedin feed), Oreo, Intuit and CakeWala.

There was some glitch with Zoom that kept the focus on me all the time for some reason which got weird. There’s only so much of myself I can watch. I expected your patience to beĀ even shorter! So I’ve put in a placeholder image. I can be whacky in my own posts!

Sorry about that. We couldn’t somehow make the time to record it again so we’re going ahead with what we have because the discussion was good.

Hope you find value in the episode.