Connect with influencers and decision makers on the best microblogging platform

Identify leads. Start conversations. Build relationships.

Use Twitter Marketing for thought leadership & market intelligence

Though Twitter is growing popular as a social media platform in India, it is highly underused in the marketing space. The format is very similar to conversations and businesses utilizing Twitter well understand that.

It takes more than a good profile and random tweets to be a good Twitter marketer. You must know how to find the people you want to connect with, engage and build relationships, and be there through their journey as a buyer. Twitter is also about networking with peers and industry leaders, watching competitors, listening to conversations, promoting events, and collecting feedback that can go into improving the customer’s experience with your brand.

Leveraging Twitter takes skill and experience which you only gain with practice. Knowing what gears you can play with, however, helps you up your game. Learn to use Twitter to connect, nurture and convert for business growth. Use it as a platform for news, knowledge, crisis management, customer service, engagement, marketing or lead generation.

Monica is one of the best trainers in WMA. She has a thorough knowledge of her subjects – Social Media and Analytics (her pet subject). She keeps up with all the latest market trends and is always sharing resources. I really enjoyed her classes. Whether she is training a batch of digital marketing enthusiasts or running a social media campaign, she will give it her 100 percent.

Jacqueline Olivia

Project Head, Berean Bay Media House