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Many businesses in India are struggling with digital marketing. They see that the behaviour and expectations of their customers have changed. But they don’t know HOW to match up. They realize that competitors are sneaking up on the digital ground and they need to find a solution. But they get confused with the myriad channels and strategies. Things are even worse in organizations that have implemented and ditched digital marketing because it “doesn’t work.”

What organizations don’t realize is that digital marketing is a long, strategic game. Consumers begin their research process much before they connect with your brand. You need to start serving your audience way before the sales stage. Brands need to be a trusted friend before they can hope to be the provider.

In the digital marketing corporate training, I take you through very specific case studies and examples to help you understand the power of social media, inbound marketing, organic and paid digital channels, and more.

If you’re taking the advanced training, we move to deeper ground based on a prefixed plan built on discussion with training attendees (Where are the gaps? What do you need? What are your objectives?). We cover what is needed to help your business grow, in your specific capacity of marketer, salesperson, business developer or leader.

Duration: 24 hours (basic), longer (advanced)

Mode: Classroom or online

Monica taught me and my batch for close to 40 hours through multiple classroom sessions (each session lasting 3 hours) and left us richer and more knowledgeable with her sessions on Mobile, Email & Affiliate Marketing, Twitter & LinkedIn, Content Planning & Writing and Google Analytics, among other things.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning from and with Monica and must admit her classes made my decision to learn something new (after a couple of decades of work experience) both rewarding and enriching. Her ability to lucidly explain concepts, drawing upon her own unique work experience insights made learning both rewarding and memorable.

I found her work ethic and her approach to both learning and teaching to be contagious and a huge positive influence. No wonder she is the Go To person for many students and businesses alike, who are looking to set up and get more from their Digital pursuits.

Navaneeth L V

CEO, THG Publishing Private Limited

Monica has been my trainer for digital marketing programme for about 3 months. I feel she has deep knowledge of the domain and understands requirements of an effective digital marketing strategy planning & implementation. She has awareness of the competitive marketspace, trends and new tools which empower student’s learnings and training needs.

Innovative thinking is Monica’s personality trait, she has strong communication and interpersonal skills and passion for continuous learning. She keeps things fresh through live examples and case studies.

I am pleased to recommend Monica to anyone who is ready to learn about digital marketing.

Best of luck, Monica!

Manu Kanwal

Senior Manager, Panasonic India