In Episode 2 of the DigiIndia Squad video series, Monica turns the tables on Manasi, digging into her career path. Some great tips are shared in the conversation, the perception of digital marketing, what it means to be a digital marketer, the gaps in the digital marketing education, what students of digital marketing should think about, and more.

Some of the questions discussed include:

1) Manasi moved from a career in journalism & media relations to digital marketing and communications. What was the trigger? What pros and cons did you experience, technical and professional, in the transition?

2) How does your journalism background help you become a better communicator and marketer?

3) You spend a fair amount of time training students on marketing and communication. What are the students prepared or not prepared for academically that they need to ramp up on quickly to enter the industry?

4) What is the interest in learning digital marketing in rural areas? In your experience, what are the challenges and opportunities here?